Message to our respected Parents

Ms. Asma Nainar – Director

Greetings from BHIS – Kelambakkam.
Ray Billabong is always known for its unique teaching methodology based on Multiple Intelligences Theory, Bloom’s Taxonomy, the usage of inter-disciplinary approach, consideration to different learning styles of children, neuroscience, and the creation of positive energy. Integrated and Collaborative learning helps to paint the big picture and diversifies into various other different learning styles of children.
With the onset of COVID 19, education has changed dramatically, with the distinctive rise of e-learning, whereby teaching and learning happens remotely and on digital platforms.
Remote Learning is a challenge and rightfully so when we found out about it during the COVID19. Our teachers whom we call as educators have quickly adapted this form of learning using the innovative and effective methods  in virtual learning.
Virtual learning offers a good substitute to classroom learning in the time of an emergency but it cannot replace the physical classroom. Classroom learning still remains the best way to educate young minds. Discipline and Co-Learning are aspects that we tend to compromise in virtual learning. Various tools to analyse each and every aspect of remote learning have been adopted and a basket of strategies are in place to keep the learning at home interactive, relevant, simple, and effective.
In fact Virtual Learning has paved the way to more experiential learning with hands-on activities that can be done at home with the available resources, thus becoming more innovative. The various learning styles adopted during Virtual Learning are gamification, flipped classrooms using a podcast, anchor charts and group activities via breakout rooms in Zoom. Virtual Learning is another technological advancement that this pandemic has caused.
Our Educators have really rolled up their sleeves to challenge this pandemic and deliver efficiently. The school also requests our respected parents to join hands with us and beat the COVID 19 problems as far as their child’s education is concerned.
As it is rightly said – “We don’t grow when things are easy, we grow when we face challenges”.