Administration Department

Ms. Asma Nainar
Principal & Director

A highly qualified professional in the field of commerce and marketing, Ms Asma Nainar has been the pillar for leadership and the flag bearer for the management vision to drive Education and not just Literacy in the society. Ms Asma is motivated by the passion for education that she sees in her family members most of whom are engaged in this profession. Ms Asma is highly determined to make the academic and administrative faculty work together as teams that complement each other to deliver quality education. The Joint Managing Trustee of Rayyan Educational Trust, Ms Asma has played a key role from inception of Billabong High International School, Kelambakkam in ensuring that parents and students are provided an open-door policy of interaction with school management to ensure a smooth delivery of the learning objectives of the school. Ms Asma has taken utmost care to ensure both teachers and students make school their second home and love to come to school everyday. Through her dedication and visionary thinking the school won the award for Innovative Curriculum Delivery at the Eldrok Summit Chennai held in October 2019.

Mr. Anil Jose Kumar
Administration Officer

Mr. Anil is the Administrative officer of the school and also the school transport in-charge. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy. He has worked with corporate companies like DELL, Citi Bank, TCS and Infosys in the field of customer operations. He has also worked in other schools as an Administrative Officer. He is known for his punctuality, discipline and sincerity. His rich corporate cum school experience really supports the functioning of the school. His meticulous planning of the route allocation, time allotment and accommodating every student transport request is flawless. If students are inside the campus on time, credit goes to him. The proactive measures undertaken by him with regard to maintenance of infrastructure and state of the art equipments is commendable. Excellent interpersonal and communication skills have fostered strong relationships with vendors. He maintains high standards of safety and security in the school premises. He strictly adheres to the rules and regulations thereby ensuring that safety or security of students, teachers and visitors is not compromised in any manner. He is a very practical person and believes in upholding the educational vision of the management.

Ms. Deepa Santhanam
Admissions Counsellor

Ms. Deepa holds a Postgraduate Degree in Psychology. She also holds a B.Ed degree and in her previous school has worked as a teacher. In BHIS-K, she has taken up the role of Admissions Counsellor and she loves connecting with children and parents who are the clients of the school. She has understood how to assess students, match parent expectations and guide parents to make the right choice of education for their children. She also regularly engages with teachers and the management to make positive changes to the academic and administrative management such that parents remain satisfied and students keep loving to come to school everyday. She always likes to take up challenging roles and she believes that learning is a lifelong process. Ms. Deepa is also involved in marketing, promotions, and public relations for the school and engages with all online and offline media to promote the activities of the school.

Ms. Bhageerathy H
Head of Accounts

Ms. Bhageerathy H, the Head of Accounts of BHIS-K is a commerce graduate and has completed her Intermediate course in Chartered Accountancy. She comes from a business background with rich experience of managing her family run pharmacy for 4 years and has worked for 2 years as Admissions In charge and 2 years as an Accounts Officer in other schools before joining the BHIS K team. She manages the entire fee collection, accounts management, payroll and audit management of the school. She connects with the parents and students on regular basis with regards to fee queries, bonafide certificates and ensuring that all their queries are fulfilled on time. She also interacts with vendors for all essential services of the school and manages to establish a good rapport with them for a long term relationship. She ensures that working together as a team brings success as a whole with the vision and mission of the school intact.

Mr Karthik
IT Systems Administrator

Mr. Karthik is an IT systems administrator at BHISK. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and has also completed additional courses like Networking and CCNA. He has a total work experience of six plus years and has worked in corporate companies like Sysnet Global Tehnology as a part of Lenovo technical onsite Engineering, TNPL (Tamil Nadu Newsprint and Paper Limited) as an onsite Desktop Support Engineer, and at Orbit Systems as a Customer Support Engineer. He oversees the maintenance of a company's network and connected devices. He ensures proper operation and helps the staff whenever they have trouble with their connections. His adeptness and knowledge of both hardware and software is highly advantageous to the school. His skill in cloud computing enables staff to collaborate from different locations, access key files while out of the office and create backups of important documents. He also manages the various pieces of technological hardware at an organization. Moreover, he is a problem solver, team player and a self-disciplined person with excellent communication skills.

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