BHIS K Primary School – Grades 1 to 4

The Objective


BHIS- K’s primary school programme helps engage students in the learning process in creative ways so that young learners can develop a questioning attitude, imagination and the ability to express.

BHIS demands and draws an ‘enriched curriculum’ – a curriculum which goes beyond the prescribed printed words of text books and the confines of the classroom to give a 360 degrees perspective of a known fact in any given subject. The result is analysing, experimenting, applying, evaluating and challenging the proven facts to create new factual knowledge for the coming generations.

The BHIS curriculum, thus, reflects contemporary thinking about what students need to learn in order to lead successful and rewarding lives.

The ‘enriched curriculum’ strongly takes note of the Curriculum Frameworks of the different Boards and the cultural backdrop of the learner. The goals and aims of education being universal remain the same for the varying boards. What is predominantly different is their approach to education and assessments.

The curriculum is perfectly aligned to the directives of various boards with reference to the aims and objectives, the base content, the structures of curriculum and the prescribed system of evaluation. This thought is the foundation for every stride that BHIS takes while designing the learning experiences for its students.

Some Activity Examples

The Primary students of BHIS-K were eager to experience farm life away from the city. On a trip to a nearby farm, they related the fields, crops, and barren lands to scenes in their novel, ‘The Magic of the Lost Temple’. At the farm, they asked caretakers about cow care, much like the curious character Nooni. They compared the farm’s cow shed to Ajji’s cowshed from the story, even naming the cows Kamadhenu and Lakshmi. The students wanted to pet and feed the cows, showing empathy. This educational trip illuminated a new world for the students.