• We believe that a positive student-teacher relationship can directly impact a student’s learning outcomes.
  • We believe that a student who receives consistent encouragement and appreciation will always be highly motivated, focussed, and committed to doing better.
  • We believe that even children who start out slow academically can excel when given the right guidance and taught via innovative methods.

The parent-teacher-student partnership:

Most of the content based modules revolve around three stakeholders viz. the teachers, parents and students. Modules range from interactive pedagogy for enhancing the classroom experience for the learners, to the importance of sleep for school going children and developing an emotional bond between the mother and child.

“Children must be taught how to think, not what to think” – Margaret Mead

Message from Principal Ms. Seema Singh Dogra

Greetings From BHIS - K

The recently concluded Annual Day on the theme of Green Awakening was indeed a grand success. I am glad that all students have done their very best in preparing and delivering a wonderful tribute to the essence of India’s G20 agenda and mandates.
We also continue to monitor and engage with the outside world so that classroom education is relevant to the events that shape the real world.


To ignite human greatness in growing children and preadults by fostering a love of learning, a talent for thinking and respect for hard work.


Billabong High will set the world benchmark in child friendly education. At Billabong we value aspiration over ambition, spirituality over religion, wisdom over knowledge, united world over divided one and individual creative thought over rote learning.


1. Value Based Education.
2. Impart 21st century skills and motivate learners to develop confidence, scientific mind and spirit of inquiry.
3. Appreciation towards diverse culture local heritage and environment.
4. Prepare learners to be an adaptable global citizens

“A well-educated mind will always have more questions than answers” – Helen Keller

The curriculum and teaching paedagogy is research-based

Using the observation of students and their developing learning styles based on the changing world around them, BHIS K has employed research to make learning exciting, challenging & enjoyable for all.

Our learning facilitators are dedicated to providing an engaging and stimulating environment where all learners feel valued, ideas flourish and students realise their full potential.

Let’s making learning fun …

Using the learning outcomes of the CBSE board, the educators of BHIS strive to make the learning environment engaging and fun. The teaching processes and technology are meaningful and purposeful, and each student is helped to absorb and understand at a pace they can manage.

Students at Billabong High International School in Kelambakkam

Quality Assurance: Even Students have a say

The Teaching & Development team from BHIS Mumbai, as part of Quality Assurance, conducts visits to schools observing teachers in action while giving constructive feedback.

Students’ feedback is also welcome at this stage. The Quality Assurance team observes the physical, social & emotional environment of the school, and makes suggestions for improvement. The team at present also looks at providing students with appropriate subject choices in order to guide their future careers.
The BHIS Mumbai team, in collaboration with the school leadership team, prepares an individualised action plan so as to strengthen the learning experience for students. Our goal is to become a supreme learning ground for all our learners.

Transformation is the key to success

Professional Development (PD) provided plays a crucial role in successful education reform. It bridges the gap between where potential and experienced CBSE educators are now, and will need to be in the future, to meet the new challenges of guiding our students to achieve higher standards of learning and development.

At BHIS Kelambakkam, professional development goes beyond the term ‘training’ with its implications of learning skills, and includes formal and informal means of helping our teachers to develop new insights into pedagogy and enhance their own practice. It also helps them explore new or advanced understanding of content and resources.

The way forward …

The journey has been a long yet satisfying one, but there is more to learn and achieve on the road ahead.

Being ranked amongst the top Schools in India has encouraged us to work with deeper passion and commitment and the credit of our achievements goes to every parent, teacher and student who has believed in us.

Rayyan Educational Trust partners with Lighthouse Learning

Rayyan Educational Trust Managing Trustee Billabong High International School Kelambakkam

Rayyan Educational Trust is a registered Public Charitable Trust having its registered office in Chennai, India. The Trustees have spent a lot of time in the field of education in India and abroad. Their vision is to enable schools and educational institutions to deliver “Education and not just Literacy”. The Trustees are working with like-minded educationists and philanthropists to evolve the process of education in India and make it child-centric and future-focused. Billabong High International School, Kelambakkam is the first venture of the Trust in India.

Lighthouse Learning, Mumbai the home of Billabong High International Schools across India and abroad. They are the pioneers in new age schooling and learning methodology. They have initiated a movement that has changed the face of pre-school and high school education in India. The award winning schooling programs have delivered great value towards creating leaders, entrepreneurs, thinkers and writers for the world. Rayyan Educational Trust has entered into a long term franchise agreement with Lighthouse Learning to run and manage the Billabong High International School, Kelambakkam, Chennai.

Leadership Board- Kelambakkam

Mr. Yasir Nainar is a young educationist cum entrepreneur who spent most of his life in Doha, Qatar. He is the founder member and Vice-President of DPS Modern Indian School and a founder Director of the Kangaroo Kids Nursery in Doha Qatar and a partner in Pearl School, Qatar. After successfully establishing such international schools in Qatar, he launched his maiden Indian venture in education in his own hometown Chennai, Tamil Nadu. The vision of this new school which is to deliver Education and not mere Literacy took shape in the year 2014. His many years of experience in the field of education in Qatar drew up parallels with the way children learn in schools and in the way parents need to become partners in education. Billabong High International School (BHIS), Kelambakkam is the maiden project of the Rayyan Educational Trust of which Mr Yasir Nainar is the Managing Trustee. BHIS, Kelambakkam is a unique school that delivers important life values of health, environment and global integration.

Ms. Asma Nainar is a highly qualified professional in the field of education certified by the Harvard School of Education USA in the field of Educational Leadership.
Driven by her passion for education, Ms. Asma demonstrates strong academic and administrative skills to deliver the vision of Rayyan Educational Trust in Chennai that promotes education and not just literacy.
Rayyan Educational Trust runs two prestigious institutions in the Knowledge village of Thaiyur Kelambakkam Billabong High International School, a CBSE school, and Milton International School a Cambridge school.
Mrs Asma Nainar is the founder Principal of both the schools and now manages the institutions as Director for Finance and Administration.
She is a proud mother of two adult children, a daughter Dr Rihaab who is an Asst Professor of General Medicine in Savitha Medical College and a son who is working in the USA in the field of foreign service and aspiring to serve the Indian government through foreign relations.
Ms. Asma Nainar played a key role in the launch of both Billabong High and Milton International schools specially building the academic team that forms the heart and soul of any institution. She has been instrumental from the start of these two institutions in Chennai, interacting with local authorities, consultants, and service providers to ensure that the Billabong High International School and Milton International School gets the best of all services and the best teachers that it needs. Ms Asma had taken utmost care to ensure that the best education is imparted to the students in both these prestigious institutions.

Mr. Rajesh Chopra Director Finance, Billabong High International School in Kelambakkam, Best CBSE School in Kelambakkam

Mr. Rajesh Chopra is an honorary Board member of Rayyan Educational Trust. Mr. Rajesh hails from Jodhpur in Rajasthan. He is a certified Chartered Accountant and based in Doha-Qatar for the past 15 years. He works for Ooredoo, a telecom service provider in Qatar as Asst. Director for financial decision support and reporting. Rajesh brings powerful governance and control to ensure that the trust and the school have enough financial and administrative control to deliver its unique vision to the people of Chennai.


Dr. Hussain Nainar the grandfather of the Correspondent Mr Yasir Nainar, was the younger son of N. Syed Bawa Rowther and Shekka Ammal. Though six daughters and three sons were born to the couple, only five survived. Dr. Hussain’s siblings included his elder brother Syed Kadir Mohamed Nainar (former District Judge and Public Prosecutor) and three sisters, Fatima, Peerammal and Rasool. Hussain Nainar married Ayesha Bibi of Vathalakundu, and the couple had five children (three daughters and two sons). My father, Dr. S.M. Munawwar Nainar (88), retired academic and Arabic translator, is their only surviving heir. He is their fourth child. Their other children (in order of seniority): Sultana Abdullah, Rayhana Dawood, Anwar Nainar and (the youngest) Shekha Farhana Tabriz.

Members of the Nainar family were known to have worked as ‘munsiff’ (local magistrates), besides being ‘mirasdars’ (land owners) in Palni. The Nainars were given the regional monopoly by the East India Company to sell palmyra leaves (Olai) which were used for writing.

See More at : Dr Hussain Nainar’s Website


Tell me and I may forget; Show me and I may remember; Involve me and I’ll understand.

Built on the concept of Experiential Learning, BHIS’s high-caliber academic educators engage students in innovative and activity-based learning models that allows practical learning and through understanding of the subjects. More than just imparting knowledge, BHIS educators bring with them the experience and expertise required to inspire change-by awakening student’s individual thought-process and creative development.
BHIS also places significance on teacher empowerment programs. At BHIS, teachers are rigorously trained through various in house programs enabling them to excel in academic delivery and stay informed of the latest in the education industry.