Message to our Students

Ms. Seema Singh Dogra – Principal

Dear Parents,

The recently concluded Annual Day on the theme of Green Awakening was indeed a grand success. I am glad that all students have done their very best in preparing and delivering a wonderful tribute to the essence of India’s G20 agenda and mandates.

We also continue to monitor and engage with the outside world so that classroom education is relevant to the events that shape the real world. I am certain that all the parents and the students have benefited from the Mere Mentor sessions towards guiding our senior students towards their careers. Parents are requested to review their individual reports uploaded in the Mere Mentor website and discuss the same with us for further guidance.

I am proud about our students who have excelled in yet another interschool competition in science and technology conducted by Hindustan College and have lived upto our vision of igniting human greatness in every child. We have also been shortlisted for the CBSE Science Competition at the national level and we are hopeful of winning at that level as well.

The preparation for the forthcoming CBSE Board examinations are in full swing. The Board pattern question papers and regular examination coaching is going on in full swing and we are hoping for stellar performances and results from our Grade 10 and 12 students this year as well.

Our journey towards excellence in education continues and we are open for suggestions and feedback from our esteemed parents for the betterment of our school. We appreciate some of the parents who have met our chairperson Mr Yasir Nainar and interacted with him to share their experiences of the past 3-4 years of their child’s journey in education in our school. We will ensure that such feedback is analysed and discussed with the parents and teachers and if it does improve the performance of the school then it is implemented at the earliest.

We have also introduced at the beginning of the last term new SPA (sports and performing arts) activities for our students such as basketball, skating, swimming, silambam, abacus and robotics. I understand that the activities conducted after school is very enjoyable for the students. We are closely monitoring the performance of the students and their outcome towards learning new sports and performing arts while in school. We welcome any suggestions and involvement from the parents to enhance these activities further.

We will continue to march on, and we expect parents to support and march alongside us. We can reach the pinnacle of excellence not individually but together.

Seema Singh Dogra
BHIS – Kelambakkam