Students Corner

Gotta to be me
Ms. Sivaranjani S (Nursery Educator)
Children learnt how their handprints are unique and made them special under the monthly theme- Gotta to be me. Our little stars were eagerly waiting for the activity as they learnt each one of them will have unique handprints. Kids splattered their palms in colours and put a print on a white sheet. They really enjoyed and we’re surprised by the activity.
Ms. Shahana (Junior Kindergarten Educator)
Our Junior Kindergarteners celebrated their special day of the month “Festival Carnival” with great zeal and enthusiasm. They dressed up in different festival attires highlighting the Indian festival and had lots of fun showcasing their art models and they also danced to the festive rhythms.
Ms. Devi (Senior Kindergarten Educator)
Storytelling is an excellent technique to foster a child’s imagination. In the spirit of instilling habits of mind in children our senior kindergarten students participated in a fun filled story-telling session that discussed how everyone of us is unique in our own way. It assisted them in learning empathy by having them imagine themselves as various story characters as the storyline twists and turns, delving into and analysing the acts and reactions of the characters in each situation. This increased their vocabulary,
comprehension, excellent sequencing skills, and memory retention.