Students Corner

A Colorful Start: Grade-4A Student’s Hand Printing Activity
Ms. Sneha (Grade-4A Educator)
  • The first day of school marks a memorable occasion, brimming with excitement and the anticipation of new beginnings. To make this day even more special, a creative and memorable activity was organized: hand printing.
  • Equipped with paper and an array of vibrant colors, each student embarked on the task of creating a colorful imprint of their hand—a symbolic representation of their unique presence and the journey that lies ahead in the academic year.
  • With eager anticipation, the students dipped their hands into the paint, their excitement filling the classroom with laughter and chatter. Carefully, they pressed their painted hands onto the paper, leaving behind a beautiful mosaic of colorful handprints.
  • This activity served as a poignant reflection of the start of a new academic chapter, brimming with promise, potential, and endless possibilities. It served as a gentle reminder that every journey, regardless of its magnitude, commences with a single step—or, in this instance, a vibrant handprint.
Ms Suhashini (Grade 1 English Educator)

    The “All About Me” activity holds immense value for young students as they embark on the journey of self-discovery and empathy. Through these engaging exercises, they not only express themselves creatively but also cultivate an appreciation for the individuality of their peers through sharing. Establishing these connections at an early stage lays the groundwork for fostering positive social interactions and nurturing a supportive classroom environment.

Ms Abinaya. K (Grade 2 ICT Educator)
  • The learners embarked on an insightful journey as they visited the school administrative office to observe firsthand the intricacies of input and output devices. With keen eyes and curious minds, they witnessed the seamless flow of data within the system.
  • Their exploration began with observing how data is effortlessly inputted into the system through the utilization of keyboards and scanners. They marveled at the efficiency with which information is captured and digitized, laying the foundation for further processing.
  • Next, their attention turned to the array of monitors, where they observed the manifestation of data in real-time. The vibrant displays served as windows into the digital realm, showcasing the power of technology to convey information in a visually compelling manner.
  • As their journey unfolded, the learners were introduced to the marvels of printing technology.
  • They observed with fascination as hard copies of documents were produced before their eyes, bridging the gap between the digital and physical worlds.
  • This hands-on observation provided the learners with invaluable insights into the practical application of input and output devices. Armed with newfound knowledge, they departed with a deeper understanding of the role these devices play in facilitating communication and productivity in the digital age.
Ms Bharani Chithra (Tamil Educator)
  • The Tamil New Year, is a time of celebration and cultural significance. At our school, we embraced this auspicious occasion with fervor and enthusiasm, honoring the rich traditions and heritage of Tamil culture.
  • The festivities commenced with a vibrant assembly, where students and faculty gather to pay homage to this significant day. Traditional Tamil music filled the air, setting the tone for the day’s festivities.
  • Students adorned in colorful traditional attire showcased their talents through various cultural performances, including classical dance, music, and drama. These performances not only entertained but also educated our school community about the rich artistic heritage of Tamil Nadu.
  • The celebration culminated with a reflection on the values of unity, prosperity, and cultural preservation that Tamil New Year embodies. As we bid farewell to the old year and welcome the new, we do so with a renewed sense of pride in our heritage and a commitment to preserving Tamil culture for generations to come.

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