Students Corner

What Time is it?
Ms. Sneha (Grade 1B Math Educator)

Learning how to tell time by looking at the traditional clock is an essential skill for a grade 1 student. Understanding different time zones, calculating time is an important milestone achieved with respect to children learning mathematical skills. To make this cognitive activity fun and engaging, the grade 1 enthusiasts made models of clocks to show the given time on their clock. Students enjoyed the entire process of making colourful clocks and identifying the time.

Layers of Earth
Ms. Maria (Grade 3 Science Educator)

The grade 3 students discovered the layers of earth through hands on activity – a clay model of the earth’s layers. The young creators enjoyed doing this for it was tactile and experiential learning, which they will stay in their memory forever. Since cognitive learning and physical activity are parallel and essentially reinforce one another, tactile learning methods can help improve a child’s concentration and learning capacity and increase selfconfidence.