Vijayadashami Admissions Open 2023-24

Vijayadashami Admissions Open 2023-24

Admission Open For Vijayadashami 2023 - 24

  • Live Interactive Classes
  • One to one session
  • Personalised Coaching
  • Science Based curriculam
  • Activity-based learning
  • Reading Programme
  • Story sessions
  • Dance and Music
  • Interactive PE classes

Vijayadasamy Admissions Application Process

Make your child experience a world-class education beyond Academics. The Admissions process will explain and guide you to understand our philosophy and commitment to your child’s development.

Visit our campus for this incredible experience and our admissions process is simple and easy to follow.

School Discovery Tour

Following the registration of a prospective student, parents and family members are given a discovery tour by one of the school functionaries.


The admissions counsellor is the one-point contact for orienting parents with the educational philosophy implemented by the school and the curriculum. This is followed by an extensive orientation of the admissions process and important school policies.

Admission Kit

Following the orientation, parents can purchase an admission kit with information related to the admission process, student eligibility criteria and the fee structure and the online admissions process will then be followed to admit the student to the school.

Apply for Admission

Admissions Open 2023-’24 from preschool to grade 11

School FAQ

The admission procedure comprises of four simple steps which are:
  • Enquiry
  • Application
  • Interaction / competency exam
  • Confirmation and Documents submission

For Vijayadashami admissions, the date for 2023 is Tuesday October 24th 2023. Parents are advised to contact the admissions contact immediately to take advantage of the special offer for the first Vijayadashami 25 admissions.

The ideal time for admissions for all other classes is December – January so that the student joins our school in the beginning of the academic year in April of the following academic year. Some students join the academic year in June after summer vacations. However, any admission post June is subject to availability of seats and the child being able to cope up with the ongoing classes that would have covered the academic content meant for that particular academic year. Senior students joining the school after Class 9 will have to join not later than June but if they are transferring from an existing school, they can complete the subject proficiency tests and be considered for admission if they perform well.

The maximum number of students in a class is 30 students per class.
The teacher student ratio is 1:20 (in pre-school) 1:15 (in Primary) and 1:8 (in Senior Classes). The guidance required for the student as he or she progresses through the school is the guiding factor for the number of teachers per student.
The school affiliates itself to the CBSE curriculum. In the pre-school to primary years, the students follow an integrated learning approach wherein the learning objectives of CBSE are achieved by providing an enquiry based learning approach based on Blooms Taxonomy and Multiple Intelligence theories. It helps to build a strong foundation for the student for his or her future growth. In the middle school, senior school and senior secondary school CBSE prescribed books, teaching strategies and learning styles are followed in the school.
The school offers a rich Sports and Performing Arts (SPA) programme that integrates sports, music, dance, arts, robotics and gardening as part of the SPA curriculum.
The school offers a rich Sports and Performing Arts (SPA) programme that integrates sports, music, dance, arts, robotics and gardening as part of the SPA curriculum.
The students are offered a Food Programme that consists of a morning snack, noon meal and an evening snack. The Food Menu is designed by a dietician based on the nutritional requirements of the students.
The school operates with a fleet of air-conditioned buses with lady attenders and observance of all safety protocols.
The educators at BHIS-K are from diverse backgrounds making the campus a vibrant learning environment for our students. The selection process consists of not only vetting qualifications but also class demonstration, training and mentoring. Over a period of six months they get accustomed to the Billabong philosophy of activity-based learning and creating unique and innovative learning experiences for the students. They are trained during the academic year to hone their teaching and leadership skills to provide their best for the school.
The school accommodates and includes children with learning difficulty with an IEP (Individual Educational Plan). These are developed and customized as per the learning needs of the child.
The campus is 24×7 under CCTV surveillance and the students are supervised for utmost safety. The school infrastructure complies with electrical, fire safety and sanitary standards set by the Government. The school is secured with firewall for cyber safety. The school nurse attends to all immediate medical emergencies and first aid of the students and teachers.
The school’s academic fees consists of academics, activities and support fees and is payable in three terms as follows: Term 1: Term 1 Academic + Activity + Support Fees + Transport Fees (if applicable) Term 2: Term 2 Academic + Transport Fees (if applicable) Term 3: Term 3 Academic + Transport Fees (if applicable) The Term start dates are as per the academic calendar of the school and is available in the front office for further information.

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A few years ago kindergarten was usually a place to keep the child happy and learning till they were ready for main school. The day would be spent playing, enjoying poetry and drawing with crayons to feel good as a child that the day was spent usefully. However, the world of nursery and nursery rhymes […]

"Our Parents Speak"

Parent Testimonial, Best CBSE School in Kelambakkam, Best CBSE School in Kelambakkam

Our daughter is currently enrolled at Billabong High International School in L.K.G. Our experience with the school has been exceptional. The school environment has played a crucial role in our daughter overall development. It not only helped her adjust to school life but also made her feel comfortable with her classmates. We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to the teachers, especially Mrs. Shahana, her class teacher, and all the staff members at the school. They consistently go above and beyond to provide our child with the guidance she needs. We are truly thankful for the support the school has offered to our daughter and eagerly anticipate her continued growth and success at BHIS.

Parent Testimonial, Best CBSE School in Kelambakkam, Best CBSE School in Kelambakkam

Mr.Rajagopalan Thyagarajan & Ms. Anusha Venkatraman – Parent of Aarna Rajagopalan

Billabong High International School Kelambakkam has been instrumental in improving our daughter's social interactions. There has always been a warm and inviting environment in which the children thrive. As parents, we receive timely updates that keep us informed about the progress of our child. Thank you for moulding our child to become a future leader for tomorrow.

Parent Testimonial, Best CBSE School in Kelambakkam, Best CBSE School in Kelambakkam

Mother of Prathyusha of Nursery

I am Anusha mother of Prathyusha studying nursery in BHIS-K. She started her schooling in the academic year 23, it's been just 3 months of her schooling where we can see a tremendous improvement in her academic as well as her overall performance. Her confidence level also increased a lot after joining. Her vocabulary and her eagerness to learn new things really improved a lot. I appreciate the curriculum which kangaroo kids provide which focuses not only on pure academic rather real time education which really motivates and encourages students to learn. She started to observe things in the home and relate to the stuff which she learnt in school. I really encourage parents to join her kids in Kangaroo Kids for their children to learn mental and development skills which is more important in their early education.Thanks to Teachers and other Staffs who support kids to grow in the right and healthy way.

Parent Testimonial, Best CBSE School in Kelambakkam, Best CBSE School in Kelambakkam

Mrs Anjali Gopakumar and Mr Arunraj Parents of Raghav from Sr KG

Dear Billabong High International School Team, I am writing this testimonial as a parent to express my heartfelt gratitude and appreciation for the exceptional education and overall experience that my child has received at your esteemed institution. From the moment we enrolled our child at Billabong High International School, we were impressed by the dedication and passion of the faculty and staff. The nurturing environment and personalized attention have truly made a significant impact on my child's academic and personal growth. The curriculum at Billabong High International School is not only rigorous and comprehensive but also designed to foster creativity, critical thinking, and a love for learning. The emphasis on holistic development has ensured that my child is not only excelling academically but also evolving into a well-rounded individual with a strong sense of values and ethics. The extracurricular activities and sports programs offered at the school are exceptional. They have provided my child with opportunities to explore and excel in various areas, encouraging a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Moreover, the open communication and regular updates from the school keep us well-informed about our child's progress and activities within the school. The seamless integration of technology for communication and educational purposes is highly commendable and has made our engagement with the school effortless and efficient. In times of challenges, such as during the recent pandemic, the school's swift adaptation to online learning ensured that the education of our child was uninterrupted. The commitment and efforts put forth by the teachers and staff to ensure a smooth transition to remote learning were truly remarkable. Lastly, the sense of community and camaraderie among the students, parents, teachers, and staff creates a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere that further enriches the overall educational experience at Billabong High International School. Thank you, Billabong High International School, for nurturing and guiding our child on this educational journey. We are confident that the values and education received at your institution will serve as a strong foundation for our child's future success.

Parent Testimonial, Best CBSE School in Kelambakkam, Best CBSE School in Kelambakkam


Pranitha D joined the Billabong family this year and we are really happy and excited, School ambiance is very good and Pranitha likes it a lot Kindergarten content is more practical for the kids to understand. School Teachers are very friendly with the kids and parents and hence it results in a good learning process. Overall we enjoy the sessions with Billabong

Parent Testimonial, Best CBSE School in Kelambakkam, Best CBSE School in Kelambakkam

Mr Soundarpandiyan and Ms Karthiga parents of Jiya from Senior KG

My daughter has been truly happy with billabong for the past 3 years. She started her nursery in an online class and now in Billabong is the 2nd home for my daughter😊. Kangaroo kids’ curriculum is really interactive and every kid will love it. I like the way they connect each other with English, maths, and science.The faculty are qualified professionals and motivated, giving personal attention to each child. It is fantastic to see my kid communicating in English fluently. I would say they are best in the extra curriculum for kindergarten level and the teachers never fail to motivate and bring out the talent in each child. In Billabong, the children have homework weekly once, so they are fresh and ready to learn the next day. After school, they have time to play and just be kids! To sum up, the school has an excellent vision for the future and children are happy enjoying extracurricular activities which are perfectly balanced with studies. I wish you all the best!!