Virtual School – Middle School



  • For the Middle School children, live online classes are conducted on a daily basis with a timetable sent out to the parents and the students in advance.
  • Microsoft Teams is used to conduct the classes with the ability to share information and assignments in real time. BHIS K is a subscriber to the Microsoft Accredited Schools Program (MASP) and is a Microsoft recognised school and hence has secure connection between the teachers and students through this platform.
  • Teachers use simulations and gamification for demonstrating visually based topics in subjects like physics, chemistry and mathematics to keep the students engaged and interactive in the learning process.
  • Certain topics are taught using real life examples migrating them to e-learning scenarios. This helps to introduce a concept or describe the topic in more detail. Hands-on activities are also conducted with available resources at home. The pandemic rules and regulations are completely observed and hence any resource material used for the classes is usually found available at home.
  • Flipped Classroom Learning techniques are also used with the students engaged in self-study of a topic using online resources. They interact with the teachers in the classroom to clear their doubts and then proceed for self-learning before discussing it with the teacher and their peers during the classroom sessions.
  • A novel online learning method that is also practiced in BHIS K is to use a hybrid approach of online live teaching and offline self study such that some prerecorded sessions and slide presentations are created and circulated in advance to convey the content. Following the study of this content, interactive discussion boards and/or white boards in Microsoft Teams are used to foster student interaction. Such collaborative tools such as White Boards, Videos, Powerpoint Presentations, Paint brush, to name a few, make students engaged in learning and also help them use the power of technology to complement the academic knowledge.

—-Middle School Remote Learning Examples—-

“We collaborate, discuss and voice our opinion in class”- say the middle schoolers

Chat box conversations help our teachers in assessing the prior knowledge of the students

Assessment through Microsoft forms is the new way forward! 
World ocean day was observed by our Middle schoolers as they took a virtual tour into the the ocean
Our 7th graders solve mathematical problems in a jiffy
Ever imagined one could create a masterpiece with coordinates ? Our 9th graders are indeed deifying boundaries
The moment they hear the word “Quiz time”- adrenaline kicks in for our Billabongers
Our Billabongers go on virtual field trip to the museum and even into space !! 
Science Laboratories have been under lockdown, but our students visit virtual laboratories and make observations everyday
All study and no play makes a Jack a dull boy. However, our Middle schoolers have been having the right proportion of fun and education during their virtual learning sessions
From learning about the mechanism of a virus to learning about pollination, Biology has been a virtual roller coaster ride that our students love to take everyday
Aparajita of Grade 5 is a Picasso in the making !! – Here are some of her works
“I got to be the teacher for my teacher”- says Saathvik of Grade 9
Our 5th Graders created their own galaxy and donned the hat of a fashion designer !!!
Mock Debate sessions on topics learned has helped our 8th graders in becoming confident speakers
Kahoot anyone? Our middle schools play virtual quizzes in real time and make their place on the leadership board !!
From the physical notice board to a virtual one, our 7th graders shared their learning through padlet – a virtual notice board !! 
Vedanth of Grade 8 is excited to share with us his Tamil language skills