Why Parent-teacher communication is important?

Why Parent-teacher communication is important?

Parent teacher communication is always one of the most important aspects during a student’s school life. Even though the school administration incorporates new methods and technologies to aid this critical part of the academic process, it remains to be a challenge that needs improvement continuously. The well-being of our children stands out as a priority for all the stakeholders of the school community. For them to be successful, it is important to work on the parent teacher communication. Listed, below are a few pointers which stresses the need for a good parent teacher communication. 

  • Children are always a bundle of surprises. They exhibit different personalities at various scenarios. Good communication between the parents and teachers would enable us to understand them better.

  • As a teacher, it is essential to show empathy towards child’s behaviour irrespective of the situation or the circumstances. Keeping the teachers informed about the challenges faced by the family at a particular period would help the tutors to see the big picture. 
  • A good rapport between the parent and the teacher would make the child progress towards his/her developmental milestones depending on their interests and calibre. 

 Let’s have a look at a couple of winning strategies which would make this communication effective  

  • Clear communication – A teacher needs to be clear and transparent about the issues being conveyed to the parent. Assuming the parent would know their child and leaving out parts that a teacher thinks are evident of the students’ personality might cause problems.  
  • Interactive communication makes sure that communication doesn’t just stop with information give-outs alone. It must be done both ways treating parents as partners and working towards a united goal- students! 

 As stated earlier, the school will always ensure formal communication takes place such as parent-teacher meetings, e-mail correspondence, diary messages, and so on. We have discussed all the needs and strategies to make the communication fruitful, it is not necessary that every time these generalized strategies and plans would work. Instead, each educator must adopt a unique way of connecting to the parent which would ultimately benefit the student.