Academic Faculty

Ms. Asma Nainar

A highly qualified professional in the field of commerce and marketing, Ms Asma Nainar has been the pillar for leadership and the flag bearer for the management vision to drive Education and not just Literacy in the society. Ms Asma is motivated by the passion for education that she sees in her family members most of whom are engaged in this profession. Ms Asma is highly determined to make the academic and administrative faculty work together as teams that complement each other to deliver quality education. The Joint Managing Trustee of Rayyan Educational Trust, Ms Asma has played a key role from inception of Billabong High International School, Kelambakkam in ensuring that parents and students are provided an open-door policy of interaction with school management to ensure a smooth delivery of the learning objectives of the school. Ms Asma has taken utmost care to ensure both teachers and students make school their second home and love to come to school everyday. Through her dedication and visionary thinking the school won the award for Innovative Curriculum Delivery at the Eldrok Summit Chennai held in October 2019.

Ms. Padmapriya Sriram
Principal and Mathematics Teacher

A Cost Accountant by education and a teacher by choice, Ms Padmapriya strongly believes that education is the torch that guides one out of the darkness called ignorance and into the brightness of awareness and knowledge. Children thrive in a warm and a welcoming environment and that is why she believes in using the language and manner that they enjoy.  Sharing experiences and constructing ideas that lead to new theories is part of her teaching forte to deliver a deeper understanding of key concepts in every subject. Influencing and inspiring the young minds to be lifelong learners is a manner in how she steers children into promising times ahead. Besides her passion for teaching, her love for food, travel and reading sees her chronicling these adventures online.

Ms. Sandhya T. P
Teacher Incharge - Middle School

Ms. Sandhya T.P., is qualified with a B.A. in English & History (Double Major) and additional qualifications of B.Ed, CTET, PGDBA (Travel and Tourism). She hails from Kerala and holds a University Third Rank from Calicut University where she graduated. She beholds the philosophy that, an open learner and seeker of knowledge should be present in all teachers. Progress through practical knowledge and experience is another philosophy that she strongly believes in. She strives to kindle interests in children to become critical thinkers and outstanding individuals. She follows innovative strategies like connecting concepts to real life of young learners. In this era of technology and rapid development, she endeavours to master new methodologies and techniques for improving the teaching-learning experience for the benefit of her students.

Ms. Pallavi Patel
Kindergarten Coordinator

Ms. Pallavi Patel, is a post-graduate degree holder in Computer Science, diploma in Advanced Montessori Teaching and distinction holder in Early Child Education. She has been working in the field of early childhood education for 7 years. She strongly believes that a kindergarten teacher can make a real difference in the lives of young learners. She has committed to the teaching profession and helps children to become responsible individuals who care about the world around them. Her activity-based teaching techniques create the love for learning amongst the young minds. Her passion, creativity, patience, and flexibility brings a balanced environment in the class. She fosters empathy and care to manage personal thoughts and emotions such that they result in positive approaches towards quality education.

Ms. Ruksana Akbar
Teacher Incharge - Primary School

Ms. Ruksana Roshan holds a Masters degree in Commerce and B.Ed qualifications. She has a remarkable track record in punctuality, discipline and dedication and encourages the same amongst her students as well. Having started off as a primary school teacher in BHIS K Ms Ruksana demonstrated considerable leadership and dedication to be promoted to the position of Teacher In Charge, Primary School. Her teaching has always reflected passion in contrast to being just a profession. She believes that the more we explore, the better we will be in providing quality education to the students. Her idea of working towards the school’s vision – igniting human greatness, has encouraged students to involve themselves in learning with awareness of the environment around them. Ms Ruksana is also the head of the Eco Club of the school.

Ms. Kalpana Kumari
Hindi Teacher & Activities Coordinator

Ms. Kalpana Kumari holds a B.A in Hindi Language and B.Ed qualifications. An experienced Hindi language teacher, she has worked both in India and abroad. She posses experience in both International and the Indian CBSE curriculum. She is a resourceful, versatile, and student-focused educator who is passionate about helping students to learn and achieve academic success. She possess strong teaching skills combined with an excellent knowledge of subject content and understanding of how to connect core content to real-world applications. An active faculty member who is dedicated to serve the school community through extracurricular activities, tutoring, and committee work. Her vision to enable students to obtain the necessary skills to be successful in the physical, mental, and social aspects of their lives is working wonders with her students.

Ms. Manasi Uday
Wellness Counsellor

Ms. Manasi Uday is the School Counsellor and learning deficiency therapist of the school. She is well versed in 12 different types of psycho therapies and  specialized in Learning Disabilities and remedial measures from the University of London.  She is certified from Buffalo University to handle children with ADHD and UC Davis Centre California in handling early intervention of Autism. She has taken it up on herself to create awareness about learning disabilities, train teachers in helping children with disabilities and also to help as many children as possible. She feels blessed to help children fulfill their dreams and get back their self-confidence. She has been actively engaging the academic faculty of the school to practice diverse teaching strategies so that children with all types of abilities learn well in class.

Ms. Devi S
Kindergarten Trained Teacher

Ms. Devi, holds a degree in Computer Science and Engineering, and considers teaching as a passion for life. Her training in Advanced Montessori and Early Childhood Education made her more confident in handling the blooming buds of kindergarten. Her immense enthusiasm and grandiose and artistic fervor have enhanced her erudition and a multitude of experiences in terms of moulding toddlers and evolving young minds. She believes that a well-nurtured relationship always transpires if a teacher learns to care for each student in the class. As a teacher, she adores her job and it inspires her to be a good role model for her students. She envisions in imparting a system of practice that instills a craving for coming to school everyday and making learning not only interesting but fun for all children.

Ms. Ayesha Feroza
Kindergarten Trained Teacher

Ms. Ayesha, is a confident Kindergarten teacher; She holds a Bachelor Degree in Economics and is also a Montessori trained teacher. She has 4 years of teaching experience and has shown immense progress in managing the little minds to stay focused in school and manage their habits by themselves. She specializes in nurturing positivity and creating curious minds towards learning and strives to brings out the best in every student. She wants to be role model for her students, and to remember her as a teacher for their whole life. She makes her mission to correspond with that of the school and that is to provide education and not just literacy and this motivates her to achieve her goal as a responsible teacher.

Ms. Shahana
Kindergarten Trained Teacher

Ms. Shahana is an amiable and divergent thinker who strongly believes that kindergarten is the right place to nurture good values in young tender minds. She has completed her education in IT and underwent Montessori training to pursue her passion in early childhood care. She is a keen artisan and craftsman and uses these talents to make the classroom environment the most beautiful place for her students. She believes that teaching gives her the opportunity to rediscover herself every day with her little learners. She started her teaching career as an intern, where she learned different techniques of Montessori teaching to foster the growth of a child at the formative level. She hopes to spread the joy of schooling by inculcating love for learning and to applaud and appreciate every effort of her learners and to transfer them to great individuals. She loves spending quality time with her family and she believes it's not just her hobby but also gives her the strength to run the extra mile to make her dreams a reality.

Ms. Bauviya Sekar
Kindergarten Trained Teacher

Ms.Bauviya, is a Montessori trained teacher with Masters degree in Science. With her love for learning, teaching and working with young children, she aspires to become a teacher who can make her students realise their potential and become successful individuals. She brings immense teaching experience to the school and considers children to be the future of the world and hence teaching them is like creating a new world for the future. She believes in strong child centric teaching methodologies that bring out the best in every child. She is passionate about engaging with BHIS-K team members to ensure that academics and activities are blended well to deliver a sound learning environment for every child in the school.

Ms. Aishwarya Menon
Primary School Teacher

Ms. Aishwarya Menon is a B.Tech graduate with a specialization in Biotechnology and Biochemical Engineering. After about 4 years of Corporate experience in an online publishing firm, she decided to pursue a career in teaching. Her 4-year experience in teaching includes a stint with an IB school. She has undergone basic training in teaching children with learning disabilities from Madras Dyslexic Association. She is a certified IB teacher and a trained phonics facilitator. She is passionate about painting and drawing and is a trained classical dancer.

Ms. Malar Balaji
Primary School Teacher

Ms. Malar has completed Masters in Business administration from the University of Madras. She is a post graduate diploma holder in Montessori Teacher training and is currently pursuing Cambridge International Diploma in Teaching & Learning. She is inspiring, self-motivated and a dynamic primary teacher with rich experience in teaching all primary years. Having nurtured a passion for primary teaching from the very beginning, she has directed her studies and career in fulfilling her dream. She feels it is extremely valuable to be helping students in developing skills which they can continue to use throughout their lives. As a teacher she stimulates, supports, mentors and in turn takes great pride in discovering and sharing some of the best aspects of herself as a human being.

Ms. Cynthia Rajkumari
Primary School Teacher

Ms.Cynthia Rajkumari, an MCA graduate with distinction, is also qualified in  Early Childhood Education. She is an extensively passionate, enthusiastic and student-centered educator.  She believes that the little minds are the best to train, groom and mould. Her vision and goal as an educator is to ensure that the learning journey is positive, joyful and rewarding. Her unwavering commitment to instill confidence and self-esteem by providing open lines of communication and welcoming attitude when approached by students, is her forte. She commits herself wholeheartedly to the school community and believes every child can succeed if educators sincerely commit to work ethics, standards of practice and the care of primary grade children. She pursues to add a dash of sparkle in every child thereby bringing out the uniqueness within them.

Ms. Praveena Prabhakaran
Mathematics Teacher

Ms. Praveena Prabhakaran, is a Pondicherry University gold medallist in Mathematics having five years of teaching experience. She strongly believes that "Teaching is the only profession that teaches all other professions". Teaching Maths to children is challenging as it takes time to make students love the subject that they are learning. As a seasoned teacher, she sets clear expectations with a positive attitude amongst her students. She is agile and can adjust her teaching strategies as per the demands of students and the curriculum. She is excellent in teaching with differentiaed teaching strategies as in teaching we cannot apply the rule of one size fits all. With good organizational skills, she never loses the grasp of deadlines, plans, and the mission to achieve what has been planned. She is a continuous learner who never settles and always looks for opportunities to bring out the best from both herself and her students, which she believes plays an essential role in being a good teacher.

Mr. Jilson George
ICT Teacher
Jilson George, ICT faculty of our school, holds immense teaching experience in both teaching and school administration. The rich experience which he had been garnering throughout his career stands testimonial to the commitment exhibited. Being disciplined, punctual and sincere are his forte. His friendly nature and approachability makes a a very likeable teacher. He believes that teaching and learning is contributed by the teacher, the parent and the student at various levels, thereby making the experience enriching and longstanding. A perfect blend of best of traditional teaching methods and the latest technologies is the mantra of his teaching. With deep knowledge and passion for the subject, he is able to cater to the requirements of various levels of learners. Focuses on overall development of the student by means of multiple intelligence enhancement.
Ms. Elizabeth Surekha
Science Teacher

Ms. Elizabeth Surekha holds an M Sc. Degree in Microbiology and BEd qualifcations. She is a forward thinking and goal-driven teaching professional dedicated to providing students with the abilities and potential to master the necessary skills to become responsible and well-educated citizens. She is committed to create a classroom atmosphere that is stimulating and encouraging to students. Her extensive training, hands-on-experiences in the field of education and unwavering commitment helps to instil confidence and self-esteem among students. She has undertaken additional training in relevant fields such as parental counselling, virology, curriculum execution and Bharath guides. She possesses exceptional ability to establish cooperative, professional relationships with parents, staff and administration. Her welcoming attitude opens lines of communication when approached by students. She expresses warmth and care and wants all children to be successful learners.

Ms. Neha Ghosh
English Teacher

Ms. Neha Ghosh, is a post-graduate degree holder in English Literature and Gender. She holds an interest in Gender Studies and also believes in bringing a paradigm shift in the society where everyone will have an equal right. Her passion for teaching and love for students helps in balancing the integrity of the class. Empathy is one of her core principles as she believes, that in order to make the environment of the class more suitable for the students to share their experiences and understanding and increase their confidence it is important to have empathy for their emotions. Maintaining this not only helps in improving the teacher-student relationship but also helps a teacher maintain positivity in the classroom.

Ms. Steffi Ramachandran
Mathematics Teacher
Ms Steffi is a passionate mathematics  teacher with four years of experience in primary and middle school teaching in leading schools in India. She creates a positive learning environment so as to maintain a strong teacher-student relationship. She believes in involving children in co-curricular activities that relate to the academic content of her classes. She is flexible and prefers differentiated attention towards children based on their learning abilities. She understands that patience, enthusiasm and friendliness with children can encourage children to think on their own and solve all problems individually and as a group. She has adapted Mathematics teaching for virtual classes in a very innovative manner
Mr. Sathianandam
Tamil Teacher

Mr. Sathianandham is qualified with a Masters degree in Tamil and B.Ed. He is a very energetic Tamil teacher who possesses good command on his subject. His love and passion for the language have made him adopt this profession of teaching to inculcate values and build a strong generation on the foundation of the heritage and culture of our country. A well-experienced teacher, tailors the strategy required for the children of different levels and reaches them in the most comfortable way the children look forward to. He has also served as the co-author of the third Language Tamil book currently used in our school. To add a feather to his cap, apart from being a language teacher, he expresses his interest in preparing children for the school band.

Ms. Stella Shoba
Tamil Teacher

Ms. Stella Shoba teaches the State Language Tamil and is a passionate facilitator with the innate ability to inculcate learning in our students. She thrives to exalt students to scale greater heights and grow to become valued citizens. She has co-authored the Tamil third language book that is being used in the school. She is enthusiastic to inculcate the love for Tamil language in her students by using different techniques such as story writing, oratory and verbal communication using the correct grammar. Ms Stella believes in her students as the torch bearers who will create a future love for the language in the society and hence treats them in the same manner, equipping them at every stage with rhetorical devices, writing styles and communicative grammar that will help them achieve the same. 

Ms. Kiruthika Kumar
Dance Teacher

Mrs. Kiruthika Kumar has been under the tutelage of doyens like Dr. Padma Subramaniam’s disciples. Ms.Kiruthuka believes that “Knowledge is meant to be shared” and she derives pleasure in teaching her students the various dance forms, from folklore to fusion. Her offshore dance shows are a testimony to her dance skills and she is keen to hone these skills in her students too.

Mr. Yuvaraj
Art Teacher

Mr. Yuvaraj paints and sketches landscape pictures that appear live to the eyes. His technique in teaching Art & Craftwork is simple, yet elegant. Yuvaraj is technical deft at 3D images too. His classes are often Fun loving and learning the art happens naturally.

Mr. Sundarapandian J
Musical Instrument Teacher (Keyboard)

Mr.Sundarapandian is a trained keyboard player with more than 10 years of experience playing onstage for various Orchestras and more than 3 years of experience in managing private music academy. He is passionate about music with the natural ability to adjust his own style to suit different genres of music. A well organized and a person with a positive outlook aims at bringing out the best in his students.

Mr. Kalaiarasan
Physical Education Teacher

Mr. Kalaiarasan is particular about physical Fitness and has a penchant for games of various types. He has a flare for Baseball and Football and religiously trains students for State level competition.

Mr.C. Ramu
Karate Coach

Mr.Ramu an international Gold Medalist is a National Coach and a Judge in KAI. This Karate master is a 6th Dan Black belt and a postgraduate in the field of Karate. This Karate champion is known for his quick moves that captivate his students.  

Mr Singaravelan
Mr.Singaravelan has gained insights into different levels of Library Management. He has been involved in coordination of children's Library operations and customer/community service. He consistently believes in taking challenges and exploring new and ingenious concepts to improve library efficiency.

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