Admission Policy

Billabong High International School – Kelambakkam is pleased to welcome your child to our school, assuring your child the best of knowledge enhancement and life enrichment. Please read through this Admissions Policy as this defines the terms for admissions and the fee payments.
Admission to any class will be based on the decision taken by the Principal after analysing the performance of the child in respective levels of interactive sessions with the school’s academic team and the admissions counsellor. The process of assessment will be as per the set standards and procedures and the decision of the Principal will be conveyed to the parent through mail communication. Parents can discuss the decision however it is in the interest of the child that parents should accept the decisions of the school authorities with regard to recommendation of grade (class) of study to which the child can be accepted in school, language and subject options and any special coaching required for meeting the eligibility for the respective grade of study.
Any change in address for students especially those availing school transport should be intimated through email well in advance so that school records remain updated always. Any change in contact numbers of parents should be communicated to school through a mail for updating school records.
Parents or Guardians are expected to maintain and submit necessary legal documents to prove custody of child. These could be birth certificates, Aadhar card, passport or other documents that clearly state the relationship of the parent to the child. For single parents, the first parent to bring the child to the school for admission will be considered as the Guardian provided proper documentation is provided for the same. For such single parents waiting for document clearance for custody of the child, should submit an undertaking and provide proper instructions to the school regarding pickup and drop of the child to avoid any family dispute with regard to child being released from school to wrong custodianship of other family members. Any family dispute will not be entertained in school and the school will not be responsible for the disputes regarding the custody of the student.
It is the responsibility of parents to keep the school at the time of admission, using the School Health Form of any chronic or prolonged illness in students. If the child is under medication or psychological counselling treatments, the same should be mentioned in the School Health Form so as to ensure continuity in treatment during the time in school. The school authorities undertake to maintain all health issues of the child as confidential information and reveal it to the teachers and fellow students only if necessary. The school will not bias its admission decisions based on student illnesses however, is not capable to admit children of acute illnesses where permanent physical conditions require the child to go to other specialized schools where such care can be provided to the child.
Admission will be based on the performance of the child and assessment made by the school admissions counsellor, coordinators and the principal. Any use of influence by parents or guardians to admit the child for any reason will not be entertained under any circumstances and will lead to termination of the admission process. The school will not discriminate between any child’s admission request based on caste, creed, religion, social or financial circumstances.
Children who have a known special condition such as Dyslexia, Autism, or any mental or physical disorders the same should be communicated to the admissions counsellor while applying for admission. The admission process for special needs children will be made academically compliant to the abilities of the child. A special shadow teacher may be appointed in case such a requirement exists and the parent will be requested to compensate the school for additional special fees for such services. The parent has to submit the necessary medical reports regarding the same for records.
BHIS-K fee structure has components that are one-time payments at the time of admission and varies as per the grade of the child. These fee components are the admission fee and caution deposit and the latter is refundable depending on the agreed terms and conditions of fee payment at the time of admission. Admission is confirmed only upon paying the admission fee and caution deposit. Term fees becomes due if the term has already started at the time of admission.
    1. 1) Admission fee once paid is not refundable or transferable under any circumstances.
    1. 2) Caution Deposit fee is refundable only when the child completes at least five years of schooling at BHIS Kelambakkam. Caution deposit fee will not be refunded for Kindergarten students leaving the school before completing Grade 1.
    1. 3) The compulsory term wise fees are Academic fee, Support Fee and Activity Fee and parents do not have a choice to pay any one or omit the other depending upon the activities or support provided by the school.
    1. 4) The optional term fees for any other optional facility fee such as catering or transport can be paid by the parent depending upon the service availed from the school. Catering fee and Transport fee are non-refundable but can be adjusted against other fee only if the facilities are not completely availed at all by the student. If even one day of service is availed the term fee for such service becomes due and there is no option to refund the same.
    1. 5) In case the student has paid all components of fee including term fees, but because of certain unavoidable circumstances, he or she is unable to join the school, the Academic fee component only will be refunded in the case, where the child has not attended any day in school. If in case, the student has attended even 1 day of class and applies for refund, no component of fee will be refunded.
    1. 6) No exchange of fee is allowed from one child to another in case of withdrawal even if the children are from the same family.
    1. 7) Before the collection of Books and Uniform, the applicable fee must be paid in full by the parent along with a component of Academic fee.
    1. 8) Fees once paid for a particular Academic Year cannot be transferred or adjusted for any other Academic Years.
    1. 9) In case of any fee clarifications parents can meet the Head of Accounts or meet the management by appointment. All such cases should be first sent by email to the Head of Accounts and then appointment taken to visit and discuss the matter in school.
Admission Fee and Caution deposit fee paid towards blocking the seat is not refundable in case of cancellation of admission before the Academic session. An undertaking has to be duly signed by the parents who are taking admission for any Academic session with the same clause.
In any case, any student applies for a Transfer Certificate (TC) in the middle of the Academic Year, TC will be provided if only all the fees (such as the term fees, activity fee and support fee, or the residential fee) are paid and there are no fees due to the school.
I have read and understood all the terms and clauses in the Admission Policy.