Message to our Students

Ms. Asma Nainar – Director

Dear Parents and Well-Wishers,

I am so delighted to write this brief note about our recently concluded Annual Day on Saturday 19th Nov 2022. The theme chosen for this event was “Colours of Life”. This theme has opened our eyes of what we sometimes take for granted. We perhaps don’t realize but the colours that we see, feel and enjoy have meanings and feelings that need to be reminded and this show achieved this purpose very well.

The students put up an outstanding show of music, dance, arts and public speaking to demonstrate “The Colours of Life”. They depcited each colour with a drama followed by a dance and takeaway message. The dedicated team of our educators, coordinators and activities did a wonderful job in building the script of the Annual Day and training our students to perform their best.

I am always moved when such events happen and the skills and talents of our students bring out new or rather hidden traits within them. It bring new perspectives of not only what we see in our students but also how it can influence the academic performance in a positive manner.

With the end of volume 2 of academics in September, I am happy about the performance in the written examinations of our students but I am now looking forward for the progress assessment of volume 3 which is now coming up in the month of December. We will very soon know the results of the efforts put in by our dedicated educators to bridge the learning gaps created during the pandemic online learning.

Dear Parents, the process of education is a partnership between us. We always look towards you as our family members working hand in hand to support the vision and mission of the school.

Continue to pray for us as we make learning at school a unique fun-filled journey.

God Bless !!

Asma Nainar
Principal and Director
BHIS – Kelambakkam