Message to our Students

Ms. Asma Nainar – Director

Greetings from BHIS – Kelambakkam,

Dear Students,

     I am thrilled to see you all back in school. Thanks for keeping your pace in education during the two years of the pandemic. You have studied, played, and interacted with your teachers and friends online and God has given you enough experience of online education that you will now appreciate the blessings of physical schooling.

Welcome back and enjoy your time back in school.

While you were at home, we were coming to school almost every day but we missed you all. An empty school building without students and teachers is like a forest without birds and sounds or a desert without sand and sunshine.

This academic year you should look forward to the new Billabong tagline “school of thoughts”. We will through the customized curriculum of our school help you think, extend your thoughts and vision to understand how the world today is and how you would like it to be in the future. Please look out for more communications about this paradigm shift from our teachers and senior leaders in the school.

While you grow physically, become clever psychologically you will gain more and more wisdom to think about how the world can become a better place to live in. So, continue to think, continue to learn and continue to shine like a diamond that you all are.

Welcome back with love and prayers for a great academic year 2022-23.

Asma Nainar
Director/ Principal