Students Corner

Children’s Day Celebration at Kindergarten

The children of today will make the India of tomorrow. The way we bring them up will determine the future of the country- said Shri. Jawaharlal Nehru. To celebrate the innocence and purity of kids and to make them feel precious childhood. Our Kindergarten team organized various activities. The teachers were prepared to make the day even more special and filled with enjoyment. The day was commemorated with immense joy and enthusiasm. The celebration began with the morning prayer, and they learned about our first prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru and his affection for the children, also the day was organized with fun-filled activities like dancing, story watching, craft making, singing songs, etc. The teachers made Children’s Day special for their children by encouraging them to make handmade colourful flower greeting cards & bright butterflies. The children were happy and excited to show the craft made by them. The tiny tots were overwhelmed and enjoyed the day with great joy and bliss.

Primary Children’s Day Celebration

Fun and Frolic set the mood for the day as students entered the campus with a lot of enthusiasm and eagerness to watch what had been planned for them on their special day. Students paraded the hallways in their colourful dresses and beaming smiles with an aura of innocence. The day started with class wise events planned by the class teachers and moved on to Children’s day celebrations at Rayyan hall. The students enjoyed a variety of programs like songs, dance and a skit. They were excited to see their teachers take different roles and cheered them with all their heart. It is rightly said that wisdom comes only from innocence for it is this quality of a child which shines with an infinite light and has the ability to humble the adults in true reality!
A few glimpses of happiness that spread across grades in the primary wing on Children’s day.
Grade 1A
Children of grade 1A enjoyed the Party frock shoot, Avengers formation, Face painting and Filling water with spoon on their special day.
Grade 1B
Grade 1B students had fun games like Zig Zag running as a part of Children’s day celebration. Their excitement and enthusiasm was infectious and it left a lasting effervescence even at the end of the day!
Grade 2A
Children enjoyed VIBGYOR colouring and made a paper fan with a unique message for each one of their friends. This craft activity added fun to their day.
Grade 2B
Children are the best creations of god, they spread happiness in every season. We have to learn from the kids, the zeal and energy they have. On children’s day they got to share their happiness in the form of snacks, dance, games, because they believe sharing is caring.
Grade 3
The third graders had their share of fun by having a photo shoot with their teacher and by creating art!
Grade 4
Chirpy children were all dressed up for the day and made fashionable entries, the day was highlighted with activities like mask making and quiz. They enjoyed the limelight and the program put together for them by the teachers.