Students Corner

Sivaranjani S (Nursery Educator)
  • Two tiny eyes and a little, round tummy
    Two furry paws,
    for scooping up honey!!
    A soft ,’Snug gable” snout;
    Ears that listen and care;
    when you put them all together,
    you have a bear!!!
  • As our cute teddies exploring about different jungle animals this month and to introduce different types of bears, their physical features, different names & colour’s we conducted special day “We’re going on a bear hunt”. Kids brought their own teddy bears to school and tasted the bear’s favourite food-honey. Children enjoyed the activities and extended their learning in an interactive manner.
Ms. Devi S ( Senior KG Educator)
  • The portion of the moon visible from Earth on any given night is referred to as its phase. As the moon orbits the Earth, sunlight reflects off its surface and reaches us on Earth. Our senior Kindergarten students utilised Oreo cookies to learn how to match a moon phase name to its appearance. Students used the frosting from Oreo cookies to depict the phases of the moon, using the contrast between the frosting and cookies to symbolise light and shadows on the moon’s surface as seen from Earth.This model provided an excellent visual representation of a simple cycle of lunar phases. Children created moon phases on a chart with the assistance of their parents, which helped them recall the topic as part of extended learning.
Mr. James (Physical Educator)
  • Billabong High International School, Kelambakkam has marked yet another milestone in its sports history, by conducting the first Billabong Basketball League tournament from 9th to 11th February 2024.
  • Various schools like HLC International School – Thazhambur, PSBB – Siruseri, The Indian Public School – Perungudi, Vikas Mantra – Mahendra City participated along with the host school Billabong High International School which was the highlight of the tournament. Officials from Tamil Nadu Basketball Association assisted the organizer throughout the tournament.
  • The tournament began on 09th February ‘24 with a schedule of 7 matches daily, four matches in the morning and three matches in the evening. All the players participated actively enjoying the competition with a sporting spirit. PSBB Siruseri (boys category) and HLC International (girls category) bagged the winners trophy. Our BHIS-K students gave their best as an upcoming team, as the boys’ team clinched their victory in the first match itself and secured the fourth position.
  • The tournament came to an end with the valedictory function in the presence of Mr.G.K.Radhakrishnan, I.R.S. Assistant Commissioner, GST, Central Excise, Chennai Outer Commissionerate. The board members of the Rayyan Educational Trust, Mr.Mohammed Ishan, Director of Physical Education – Omega International School, our Principal Ms.Asma Nainar, Principal designate Ms.Seema Dogra graced the occasion and presented the trophies and medals to the winners, runners and participants.
  • The referees of Tamil Nadu Basketball Association were also felicitated with the mementoes in appreciation of their service towards officiating the first Billabong Basketball League 2024. The enthusiasm of the students, the guidance of the coaches and the appreciation of the parents added a positive vibe to the tournament and made it a huge success.