Students Corner

Mr. Vignesh ( Physical Educator )
Physical Education classes always remain to be a student’s favourite phase of their school days. At Billabong, we ensure that our students enjoy and explore with their physical abilities and skills. Fine motor skills help the students to think, move, focus, including physical activity in the particular area and to achieve their goals or target. The following images extracting the 1st level fine motor skills with extraordinary efforts done by our primary students display their agility as well as sportsmanship.
Ms. Shahana ( Junior Kindergarten Educator )
Having a pet is fun. Whether it is a dog, cat, bird or ferret, owning an animal brings enjoyment to any household. Developing positive feelings about pets can contribute to a child’s self-esteem and self-confidence. Positive relationships with pets can aid in the development of trusting relationships with others. A good relationship with a pet can also help in developing non-verbal communication, compassion, and empathy. Our learners are learning about pet animals and they were so excited to understand the needs of pets and how to take care of a pet in a healthy way. As part of their learning, they created an origami cat project.
Special day: Countries and Flags
Ms. Devi S ( Senior Kindergarten Educator )
Colouring activities can be an excellent way to get kids ready for learning. Our senior kindergarteners spent a Special Day learning about countries and flags. We provided them with a great set of flag colouring pages that assisted them with their basic geography while also improving their colouring and artistic expression. “Ma’am, why don’t we stick up all the flags as part of a ‘Flags of the World’ display?” one of my students suggested after they finished the task. Yes, that was a good approach to brighten up the classroom and foster a curiosity for diverse countries and customs, as well as aiding children in remembering which flags belong to which countries.