Virtual School – Primary



  • From Kindergarten to Primary, we continue to involve parents in the learning process however after clear instructions are shared with the students in a live class.
  • Interactive worksheets using Microsoft & Google Forms for both scholastic subjects (English, Mathematics and Environmental Studies) & co-scholastic subjects (Physical Education, Dance, Music and Art) are shared with the family so that both students and parents are made aware of the learning content in advance.
  • Students are then engaged through the power of zoom education software, whereby the topic for the day is discussed ensuring group collaboration. Remediation classes to address doubts in the mind of students are also duly cleared in such sessions.
  • The use of the hybrid approach of online and offline learning is used in the primary school as well. Here the static content is converted to video form so that the pre-recorded videos of the teachers teaching the class can be played and replayed multiple times so that students of this younger age group understand the topic clearly.
  • As for English Literature, teachers use not only video but also audio notes for delivering the meaning of difficult words in the reading passage and the meaning and gist of the stories especially for the little ones in Grades 1 and 2.



—-Primary School Learning Examples—–

Separated by distance but united by the same core value !! Happy Environment Day wishes by the 1st graders 

“Reading and writing is our favourite hobby now” – say our 2nd graders !!

Our 3rd graders have become avid learners!!

Shining like stars the 2nd graders create their very own star laden solar system!

Saathvika of Grade 3 shows us the uses of the internet !!